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tired of those high city/county bill for watering your yard???  is there a pond or reclaimed water AVAILABLE in your area?
if so..... 
contact us now for your FREE estimate on a new water source for your sprinkler system.  Whether it's reclaimed water, a well or lake system, start saving money while also helping to save florida's precious water!

​Did you know that Florida sits on a precious underground river know as the Floridan Aquifer? In today's world, each person should really do their part to conserve water.  Have you EVER considered any other water sources that may be available to you?  For instance, reclaimed water (if available in your area) has many benefits.  Recycled waste water provided by local water purveyors that has been super chlorinated and treated for irrigation usage is the best option.   If you are unsure if you have it in your area, it's easily recognized by a lavender/purple color piping system or markings on the curb. It is inexpensive to irrigate with reclaimed water, and water restrictions in most areas DO NOT APPLY.  A major benefit of reclaimed water is that you can irrigate more frequently than potable or well water.  Of course, remember that over watering can also cause problems to occur in your lawn, so always water wisely.

​Another great source of water are well systems. As a licensed SWFWMD (#9235) contractor Aqua Pro Irrigation & Outdoor Services can assist you by installing a pump and well system. Shallow well systems are great and affordable for residential or light commercial irrigation in the coastal Tampa Bay area and can be installed inexpensively and utilize a centrifugal pump (above ground pump). A shallow well is one that is 28' or less in depth that uses water stored beneath us.  Wells offer "free" water while saving money instead of using potable water on your lawn. Once the initial pump and well costs are incurred, it's actually inexpensive to operate the pump. Deep wells are used for both commercial and residential irrigation when groundwater levels are lower.  Deep wells typically go 150' or more in depth and utilize a submersible pump (in ground pump) inside of the well. Prices vary based on various pump size, construction method and the well depth. Lake feed pump systems are another great way to use water resources around us. If you have a pond or lake on your property, a pump,and lake screen assembly can be installed for irrigation use.   A lake screen/filter is installed in the water source with a float or submerged stand to keep it off the bottom. These types of systems are also a great and affordable option.

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